World Environment Every Day 2017: We are with Nature

June 5, 2017

Nature matters. It matters to us, our consumers and our communities.

More importantly, it matters for future generations.

Our natural environment is crucial to our business – without natural ingredients, we wouldn’t have the raw materials to brew our beers.

Today – World Environment Day – we want to take a moment to recognize the great work we’ve already done to help protect the world around us, as well as think about what we still need to do.

We’re joining likeminded people from the United Nations, non-profits, governments and businesses, as well as engaged citizens, to drive action and make a real difference.

We’re proud to support this global effort with community clean-ups around the world, facility competitions at our breweries, and continued protection and preservation of our natural resources under the theme ‘We are with Nature’.

Cleaning up the East River in the Bronx in New York, planting trees in the Southbank district of Melbourne, Australia, or rising to an eco-challenge in Europe, these are just a few of the examples of colleagues coming together on this day around the globe.

A Cleaner World
We are working hard to realize our Dream of bringing people together for a Better World.

This includes a cleaner world – ensuring we all do our utmost to conserve natural resources for the future, through:

• reducing water use in our supply chain;

• improving water access for communities;

• addressing climate change, including through our renewable energy commitments; and

• increasing the recycled content in our packaging.

One goal to go
We’ve already met seven of our eight global environmental goals for 2017, and are well on our way to hitting the remaining goal – reducing our greenhouse gas emissions – before the end of the year.

But, we can only do this with your help and support. We are counting on everyone to play a part, across our company and in our own lives.

Of course, we will open the gap again and define a new set of ambitious goals for the coming years – to continue building a better world and further our work to protect the environment, for ourselves and our communities.

Together, let’s renew our commitment to ensure a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous world – one where we can enjoy our natural environment today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

We are with Nature. Let’s protect it and preserve it.
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