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Water is an important part of our business and is a vital natural resource as well. The increasing scarcity of water represents a potentially significant risk to parts of our business, as well as to some of the communities in which we operate.

Swaziland Beverages therefore aims to work collaboratively to protect the watersheds and provide local communities with clean water through community investment programmes that treat water so it can be used safely. Swaziland Beverages is proud to have aligned with the country’s national agenda of uplifting local communities, and we are seeing the results as we continue ploughing back into the economy.

Who is Benefiting and How?

We seek to assist local, mainly rural communities by providing accessible, clean water in order to provide a better livelihood for all the people living in that area. We also invest in agricultural projects in rural areas with schools, churches and centres for orphaned and vulnerable children across the country. This is done with the assistance of  local water committees found in most Swazi constituencies.

Ludzeludze Water Project

Our most recent initiative was the Ludzeludze Water Project that took place in July 2013. Once the community had been supplied with clean water, Swaziland Beverages employees, together with the community members got together at the OVC centre to plant a vegetable garden so that residents could maintain a source of sustenance and income. As well as preparing the land and planting vegetables, staff fenced the area, painted the buildings and officially commissioned the centre with the assistance of the local authorities.

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