Our sustainable development focus, aligned to SABMiller’s global ambition called Prosper, is rooted in the belief that shared prosperity is the route to our business success — and core to our societal contribution. 

When our business does well, so do the local communities, economies, and environment around us. When they prosper, so do we.

To us, a prosperous world means:

cleanA clean world, where nothing goes to waste and emissions are dramatically lower

productiveA productive world, where land is used responsibly, food supply is secure, biodiversity is protected and brewing crops can be accessed at reasonable prices

These five themes shape our our five sustainable development imperatives.

1. Growth and Development

Growing livelihoods – a thriving world

We will accelerate growth and social development – by promoting enterprise development and entrepreneurship, within and beyond our value chain. We’ll continue uplifting communities we’re part of by empowering thousands of small businesses via our value chain to improve livelihoods – especially women, those with the lowest income, and disadvantaged groups.

Growth of incomes and quality of life is what we’re working towards because we’d like to see ordinary citizens thrive.

2. Responsible Drinking

SAB actively leading real social change

Irresponsible alcohol consumption and the negative effects of alcohol abuse remain high in Southern Africa by global standards.

While research shows that most consumers enjoy alcohol responsibly, there is a small percentage who abuse alcohol. The negative impact this minority is having on society is disproportionately high. No one benefits from alcohol abuse. What is not good for society, is ultimately not good for SAB’s business.

At Swaziland Beverages we are proud of the products we produce, but we take a clear stand when it comes to the consequences of alcohol abuse. We acknowledge our responsibility as Swaziland’s leading alcohol beverage company and the opportunity we have to positively influence social change.

A focused, multi-faceted approach

Underpinned by bold new action plans, Swaziland Beverages is determined to combat alcohol abuse with a multi-faceted approach that has a real impact on society and goes beyond just communication and education. The three key dimensions to our strategy to counteract the negative effects of alcohol abuse are to:

  • Lead by example

This starts with our employees. The focus is primarily on a comprehensive understanding of alcohol issues and our stance when it comes to these issues, a zero-tolerance approach towards driving under the influence of alcohol and ensuring responsible marketing at all times.

  • Champion co-regulation

Swaziland Beverages is boosting resources to build partnerships with government and the industry as ultimately our success in driving real impact in the fight against alcohol abuse relies on a coordinated joint effort involving all key role-players. We are also continuing our drive to advance normalisation of the liquor industry.

  • Invest in real impact programmes

Our investment in real impact programmes aimed at changing behaviours and attitudes prioritises drunk driving, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Responsible Trading and underage drinking.

Swaziland Beverages speaking in action

Our programmes go beyond communication and education. They are designed to change behaviour, ensuring a sustainable shift, discouraging abuse by sobering consumers up to the serious consequences of alcohol abuse, striking a balance between inspiring people to do the right thing, encouraging self-regulation, and supporting enforcement.

3. Water Resources

Resilient water supplies – a resilient world

We will secure shared water resources for our business and local communities. Brewery by brewery, we’re building our understanding of water risks and creating community partnerships to tackle them.

Our vision is a resilient world where our business, local communities and ecosystems share uninterrupted access to safe, clean water. Growing water scarcity, driven by the growing middle class, climate change, and population growth means we must be proactive in ensuring a reliable, clean supply of water – one that is managed and as efficient as possible.

By 2020, we aim to hit a world-class water efficiency target across our brewing operations. We’d like to be using an average of 3.0 litres of water to make 1 litre of beer.

4. Emissions and Waste

A clean environment – a clean world

We will create value through reducing waste and carbon emissions

We’ll achieve this by working with suppliers, distributors, retailers, municipalities and consumers to reduce emissions and waste across our value chain, and by reusing and recycling waste and packaging.

By 2020, our global goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in on-site greenhouse gas emissions from our breweries — we’re on track. This includes a target to reduce our carbon footprint across our value chain by 25% per litre of beer.

5. Land Use

Productive land – a productive world

We will support responsible, sustainable use of land for brewing crops.

We’re creating secure, sustainable local supply chains both for sugar and maize. We’re supporting farmers by increasing profitability, productivity, and social development while reducing environmental impact.

Our intention is to ensure that the sourcing of our crops measurably improves food security and resource productivity for local communities.

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