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KickStart is the youth entrepreneurial programme of Swaziland Beverages. It is aimed at youth that either want to start a business or expand their existing business. 

Entries are now CLOSED! 

Team Details

Who is going to be the Managing Director of the business and what are their details?



Physical Address

Postal Address

Contact Details


Please give us 2 references who are not your relatives

Reference 1

Reference 2

Your Business Team

Who are the shareholders? What are their ages? How much of the business do they own?

Are there other members?

What qualifications do all of the above have, and what courses have they attended?

Tell us about the practical experience that the people listed above have or have had

Your Business

Do you have your own business?

If "YES"

What is your business' annual turnover?

How many years has your business been in operation?

How many people do you employ?

Name of Business

If "NO"

Are you currently employed?


Type of business

Business concept







Input and Employment

Indicate the cost of all the equipment, raw materials, inventory/stock, etc. you need


Machinery & Equipment

Transportation (Vehicles)

Furniture and Fixtures

Installations of machinery and utilities (lights, water, telephones)

Technical assistance

Working capital (Inventory/Stock/Cash on hand)

Other costs (please specify)

Other costs (please specify)

Total project costs

What are you contributing towards your business?

If you have already contributed some of your own money towards the business, please give details of what you spent the money on

How many businesses are engaged in your proposed line of work?

What is the average cost of their product or service? What will the cost of your service/product be?

How much does/will it cost to produce a single product?

How much will you make from each sale (margin)?

How many units do you need to sell to recover your initial costs?

How much will you spend each month on the following?



Fuel & Transport

Insurance (estimate)

Salaries and wages





How many people will you employ and what skills should they have?

Will they need training and how much will it cost?


ID Documents for members

Upload Certified copy of ID Documents for all members

(3mb Limit)

(3mb Limit)

(3mb Limit)

(3mb Limit)

CVs for members

Upload CVs for all members

(3mb Limit)

(3mb Limit)

(3mb Limit)

(3mb Limit)

Business Plan

Upload Business Plan

(3mb Limit)

Financial Statements

Existing businesses only

(3mb Limit)

Management Accounts

Existing businesses only

(3mb Limit)

If you have any trouble submitting these documents and forms electronically, please download the application here (230kb) and submit manually

Please be patient while attachments upload - do not leave page until you get a success notification

Check list for attachments:

  • Certified copies of IDs for team members
  • CVs of business team members
  • Latest annual financial statements
  • Business plan (for existing business)
  • Latest management accounts (only if business is already operating)


  1. The Competition is only open to Swazi youths between the ages of 18 and 35 years.
  2. All the entrants must be prepared to run and manage their business on a full-time basis.
  3. All application forms must reach The KickStart Customer Services Officer at Swaziland Beverages (Pty) Ltd by 26 May 2017.
  4. Faxed entries will not be accepted.
  5. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Winners must be prepared to be photographed, to travel to Matsapha, and participate in publicity and/or follow-up stories to be published in the media.
  7. Entries which do not contain all the necessary attachments will not be considered.
  8. Swaziland Beverages (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for the loss of entries.
  9. The competition is open to Swaziland citizens. Certified copy of ID to be attached.
  10. Only successful applicants will be contacted.
  11. Hand delivered applications can only be made to Swaziland Beverages Office in Matsapha.
  12. Applications must be sent to: Swaziland Beverages (pty) LTD, P.O. Box 100, Matsapha, M202, Swaziland.

How does Swaziland Beverages assist?

Swaziland Beverages gives support to the winning business in the form of capital grants and mentorship to “kickstart” them. The grants vary depending on the capital needed for the business, and mentorship takes place over a period of one year for the winning businesses. Recipients do not receive grants in the form of cash, however Swaziland Beverages will purchase fixed assets for the business.

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