Through KickStart, budding entrepreneurs are trained and mentored. The dual effect is that new entrepreneurs are assisted to run sustainable businesses.

What is KickStart?
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KickStart is an entrepreneurial programme that was launched by South African Breweries in May 1995. Taking the form of a competition, it is aimed at youth that either want to start businesses or expand their existing business. In March 2010, Swaziland Beverages launched their own KickStart Youth Entrepreneurial Programme as one of its key corporate social investment initiatives.

The KickStart competition, aimed at Swazi youths aged between 18 and 35, has now become one of the most prominent entrepreneurship development projects undertaken by a private sector company in the Kingdom. The programme also focuses on recruiting entrepreneurs whose businesses could become potential commercial equity suppliers to Swaziland Beverages and is aimed at giving attention to entrepreneurs at a more advanced level. Often these individuals have inventions or good ideas, but not the specific know-how to commercialise them.

How Do We Assist?
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Swaziland Beverages gives support to the winning businesses in the form of grants to “KickStart” them, however these are not in the form of cash but rather the purchase fixed assets for the business. We also provide ongoing mentorship, which takes place over a period of 12 months. The focus is clearly on creating sustainable businesses and allowing budding entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into reality. Ongoing mentoring and monitoring of KickStart winners allows for an evolutionary improvement in their business practices, including performance management.

Since its inception, KickStart has empowered more than 60 young entrepreneurs with business skills training and has enabled 14 fledgling small businesses to be set up. While initially the programme focused on poverty alleviation, the thrust is now firmly centred on the creation of sustainable enterprises. This means the programme focuses less on numbers and more on success.

What are our Goals?

Leverage our influence and resources to assist government achieve its goal of developing communities and enable them to take ownership of programmes that ultimately sustain themselves.

Focus on entrepreneurial development as the key to alleviating unemployment and poverty.

Create opportunities for those who show the determination, imagination and commitment to hard work.

Further entrepreneurialism and SME development by providing young individuals with the skills and means to establish their own companies.

Stimulate the creation and growth of new economy businesses that are sustainable and able to compete in a competitive market place.

How Can I Enter?

If you meet the criteria and are interested in entering the competition, you need to click on the banner below and fill in the online form.

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