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Swaziland Beverages is the leading beverages company in Swaziland. It manufactures, markets, sells and distributes a range of beverages. Among these products are SABMiller beer brands, Coca-Cola products including carbonated soft drinks (CSD), and traditional beverages such as Mahewu (Imphilo).

Locally we have clear beer production lines that cater for the 750ml returnable glass bottles, and a canning line that does both the 330ml and 440ml packs. We have also recently introduced the 330ml and 340ml non-returnable packs, popularly known as dumpies, to our production line. On the sparkling beverages front we have a production line that does 300ml, 1000ml returnable glass bottles and, most recently, the 2000ml non-returnable glass bottles. Our traditional plant packages both cartons (500ml and 1000ml) and plastic containers.

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