National Tinkhundla Fruit Tree Sponsorship

March 16, 2017


We strongly believe that agricultural productivity and resilience is one way in which the livelihoods of the citizens of Swaziland could improve. Through our Growing World initiative, we aim to ensure that we embark on such initiatives to impact and improve the livelihoods of our Swazi Community. On 3 March 2017, we handed over our sponsorship of 100 orange fruit trees to Nkwene High School, in the Shiselweni region, through the National Tinkhundla Fruit Tree Project which is housed under the Small Enterprises Development Company (SEDCO).

DSCN6887This Project seeks to promote the profitable production of fruits among Swazi households and schools, which is an opportunity we could not miss out on as it impacts livelihoods and empowers the young citizens of the country with knowledge and skill for sustainable development. Nothing is more important to us than to see a development and empowerment of our community and country, as we strive to bring people together for a better world.  

We had a lovely time with the Students and educational team of Nkwene High School and we were happy to see their enthusiasm for this sponsorship. It was pleasant to hear the students express how happy they are that this sponsorship will teach them how to manage fruit trees and develop their entrepreneurial skills towards sustainable income development.

We are committed to continue supporting such initiatives towards improving the lives of our nation; and we will continue combining our scale, resources and energy with the needs of our communities.

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