The 2017 Imvelo National Sibhaca & Ingadla Competition

March 29, 2017

The 3rd edition of Imvelo National Sibhaca & Ingadla competition was launched on the 15th of March 2017 and it is scheduled to run until the 10th of June 2017. The competition is valued at E97,000 and there is a whopping E40,000 in prizes to be won!


The Imvelo National Sibhaca & Ingadla competition tournaments will be staged at 4 Tinkhundla and regional centres and the national finals will be held at Mavuso Trade Exhibition Centre. The teams are pooled into A and B. Pool A will consist of teams from the armed forces, companies and institutions and pool B will comprise of teams from the communities. All four regions will produce twenty (20) teams to compete at Tinkhundla level. Five (5) teams per region will battle for the national title. The top five (5) from the regions will qualify for the national championships. These 5 teams will be made of 3 sibhaca teams and 2 ingadla teams:

Sibhaca teams: 1 team will be from pool A and 2 will be from pool B

Ingadla teams: 1 team will be from pool A and 1 from pool B.

To Enter 

  • All teams should register their players at their Tinkhundla centers.
  • Registration form: Imvelo Sibhaca&Ingadla Registration Form 2017
  • Upon registration, each team should provide all particulars of players and a copy of identification (national identity card/passport).
  • All participants should be 18 years of age and above by the start of the competition.
  • A player will not be eligible to play for more than one team in this competition and each team should have a minimum of six (6) players and a maximum of eight (8) players on the field of play for a match.
  • Each team should pay a registration fee of E100 to the management team at their Tinkhundla. Remember to check the terms and conditions for eligibility.
  • Review Ingadla and Sibhaca scoring sheets: Imvelo 2017 COMPETITION SCORE SHEET_Ingadla and Imvelo 2017 COMPETITION SCORE SHEET_Sibhaca

Schedules of the tournament
01/04/17: Mpaka Railway – Lubombo 
08/04/17: Kukhanyeni Inkhudla – Manzini
06/05/17: Maseyisini – Shiselweni
13/05/17: Hhukwini – Hhohho
10/06/17: Mavuso Exhibition Centre Manzini

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